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How to Properly Install a Hanging Basket

Wall Trough with Liner
Wall Trough with Liner


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Hanging baskets provide a sense of class and opens up an area to make it feel more spacious. Annuals that have bright blossoming periods and flow over the edges of a container are best picks. Petunias and begonias are perfect in any hanging basket.

You should take time and evaluate a location before you decide to hang your basket. The most important thing to evaluate is whether the supporting structure is able to take the weight of the basket. When watered, a large hanging basket can reach up to 200 lbs. Also, you should assess the site based on the plants you are going to place within it. Begoinas require full sun to have a continuous bloom while million bells require shade to promote heavy blooming periods.

Make sure that the area where you place your hanging basket does not look out of place. These baskets are usually the main centerpiece of a garden or segment of a home.

The following are simple steps to hang your basket. Make sure you are wearing safety glasses and proper safety equipment when performing this task.

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Green Tip:

Prevent Erosion by using plants that cover the entire ground surface. Erosion removes the top soil and can clog waterways with it.

  1. You must drill a hole into the masonry of the decided wall, not the wall itself! The hanging basket will be attached to the masonry of the wall using anchor bolts. When drilling, don’t overpower yourself and push hard on the drill. Remember to apply constant steady pressure throughout the drilling process.
  2. Masonry walls and arbor beams must be in superb condition and have some type of attachment to a support structure to hold the large weight of a well watered hanging basket. The chains you choose must be at least 1/8” (capacity 340 lbs) or 1/4” (capacity 450 lbs). Place the anchor bolts in position and attach the chain through it, making sure that it is secure. Give it a couple of harsh pulls to make sure the anchor bolt is tight and the support structure can take the weight.
  3. Now that the chain is attached and the anchor bolts are secure, attach the chain to the hanging basket using S hooks. These hooks come in various sizes but are usually supplied with your chain.
  4. You are now finished. It is that simple. There are many kits available that have all the necessary supplies and materials to hang a basket properly. Now that your basket is hanging, make regular checks on the chain and supporting structure to make sure there is no wear and tear.