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Time to Repot

Set of 3 White Box Planters
Set of 3 White Box Planters


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Repotting is as necessary as watering your plantings. Large plants placed in containers over extended periods of time will develop an extensive root structure that quickly drains the potting mix of nutrients. This rooting system also makes it difficult for oxygen to penetrate the soil. Repotting your plantings will provide a constant supply of nutrients and promote root growth. There are several signs that signal the time for repotting. They are:

Repotting Your Plant in Four Simple Steps

  1. First place the container on its side so that you have a better grip and you are not working against the weight of planting. If this is a large plant that has been in the container for a while, you might need two individuals for this step - one person to pull the plant while the other person holds the container in place. If the planting is still not coming out, water the planting thoroughly to decrease the roots’ grip on the side of the container.
  2. Once you have removed the root ball from the garden planter, shake and remove the old potting mix and soil from the roots. Use your fingertips to loosen up the root ball and the matted strands. You can even use a watering hose to blast out the soil stuck in-between the roots.
  3. Now it’s time to snip the unnecessary roots. Using old pruners is recommended because newer pruners will get damaged from the dirt and tough roots. Remove the larger thicker roots first. Leave finer smaller roots alone because these will facilitate in reestablishing the plant.
  4. It’s time to repot your planting. Place a thin layer of potting mix at the bottom of the container before you place your plant inside. Once you have the bottom layered with potting mix, place the entire plant inside the container and fill out the sides with fresh dry potting mix. Vigorously shake the plant and container so that all the soil settles into the gaps. DO NOT push down the soil. Generously water the plant and set it away from direct sunlight and strong winds for at least 2 – 3 weeks to allow the roots to reestablish themselves.