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Holy Holland... What a great new line of ergonomic gardening tools!

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Gardener's Half Pants with Bib


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Female Gardener

My mother and I were recently in the garden trying to plant mums and tulips around the edges of the beds and borders. What a daunting task. Planting perennials and annuals around the backyard is not that complicated but with the types of tools we were working with, we might as well been planting during the winter time.

First off, the trowel head was so weak and pitiful that it couldn’t cut a slice of cheese let alone tough soil. I thought that the rake, being so heavy, would be durable and reliable but that theory was put to bed once the head of the rake broke off after a half an hour of work. Frustrated, tired, and disappointed we gave up after my mothers back starting aching.

My mother, disheartened the way the gardening day went, swore off gardening forever. I knew that this was just her aching back talking and that planting her beautiful plants would go much smoother with the correct gardening tools.

But which ones should I purchase? I went to local hardware, garden, and online stores but almost all the tools look like they were constructed with little thought given to their functionality. They have all these fancy bells and whistles but when you get down to the core of the products, they are not that reliable or as durable as they claim.

Green Tip:

Don't spray your driveway, sidewalk, deck or porch with either your sprinkler or hose. If it's dirty, use a broom to remove dirt and dust.

When I discovered the Holland Greenhouse Plus ergonomic line of garden tools, I knew I had found what I had been looking for. I decided to purchase the trowel, bow rake, transplanter, and it cost me less than normally purchasing these products from a garden or hardware store.

I called my mother out back as soon as we had the tools home and we commenced the gardening work we gave up a few days ago. The first feature my mother loved about these products was the fact that all these tools were extremely lightweight and had steel bladed, telescopic handles with posi-locks. This really helped her back because now she does not have to sit in the dirt bent over trying to dig up the soil. Most of the handles extended at an average length of 14 to 15 inches.

She also liked the bow rake because one side gave her the ability to remove earth rocks and large clumps of dirt from the soil while the other side effortlessly smoothes the soil for planting perpetration. The transplanter operated flawlessly as well. It did not damage any of the roots or even the buds located near the bottom. The handles are even ergonomically created. They consist of a lightweight tubular design assembled from anodized aluminum. I used to get blisters and ripped skin on my hands from previous garden tools, but these Holland garden tools have handles with a soft foam grip design that takes the strain off your palms.

I decided to check the durability and reliability of the trowel, and the other garden tools as well, by furiously digging up very dry, tough, hard soil. After about an hour and 2 buckets of sweat, I couldn’t even see a scratch on the tools. The reason is because the heads and blades of these Holland garden tools are constructed from high quality steel that is powder coated during the manufacturing process. The handle and head are held together by designer neoprene ferrules.

From my experience, I can say that these garden tools are valuable as well as being reliable. Many garden tool products out in stores claim to have amazing features but be careful when purchasing them. They market to appease your wants instead of your core need requirements. My mother and I recommend Holland Greenhouse Plus’ garden tools because they won’t break, hurt your back, or your hands.