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Rail Planters: Beautify Your Porch

Pedestal Garden planter
Pedestal Garden planter


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Algreen's rail planters fit snugly to both 4" and 6" railings!

Tired of looking at the same old deck everyday? Has gardening put a strain on your back and wallet? You want your deck and porch to look great, but those potted plants can be a bit overdone and dull. Here's an idea: rail planters are a refreshing new way to bring your garden right up to your deck!

The Eris Sandstone/Earthtone rail planter is an ideal and affordable way to beautify your porch, deck, patio, or fence. Surround yourself with flowers and forget about your gardening back pains.


These rail planters are created to conform to the strictest strength and durability tests. In fact, Algreen guarentees that their rail planters will NEVER chip, crack, or deteriorate.

No Installation Required!

The best part about Algreen's rail planters is that there is no special installation required. Rail planters are completely self-mounting and do not require any brackets or screws to position them securely into place. The rail planter wraps around the railing it’s placed on, grabs it tightly, and will not fall off, even during the most extreme weather conditions. Leave them out in the winter time and plastic they will not crack or break!

These rail planters were specifically manufactured with your plants in mind. Algreen’s rail planters provide you with a larger amount of soil room compared to products from their leading competition. This excess amount of soil space ensures that your plants and flowers are given the proper amount of nutrients and are kept moist for a longer period of time.

Algreen’s Rail Planters are a perfect gardening addition to any home or cottage. They are beautifully designed, reliable, and will have your neighbors peering over your fence. If you know someone who enjoys gardening, but can’t go through all the hard manual labour, get them a rail planter as a gift. You can enjoy all the benefits of gardening without all the downsides. Check out Algreen’s Rail Planters today!

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