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Pond Maintenance

Fish Care Package
Fish Care Package


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What color is your pond water?

Clear Water

If you can see the bottom of your new pond after it has settled down for a few weeks, you likely have no problems with your water quality.

However, if your fish are dying, you likely have levels of chlorine and chloramines that are excessive. Chlorine and chloramines are toxic to fish. You should add New Pond to control these levels, every time new water is added to your pond. This treatment can also be used in existing pond water to reduce the chlorine and chloramines to a safe level.

Green Water

All bodies of water go through what we call an "algae bloom" that will turn the water green. It’s a very natural occurrence that happens whenever the water heats up and there is enough "fuel" in the water to feed the algae. Mother Nature has her way of clearing the water. One day, after weeks of not being able to see your fish (much less the bottom of the pond), you may walk out and find that your pond is clear. The following is a list of things that you can do to help Mother Nature do her job.

Do not scrub the sides of your pond. The green coat that forms on the liner and on the sides and the bottom of the pond is beneficial to the pond itself. The jelly-like substance is algae that is packed with nitrifying bacteria. Nitrifying bacteria is paramount in order to limit the Ammonia levels in the pond. If you want to give your pond a thorough cleaning, start with the bottom of the pond, where parasites and bad bacteria usually forms.

Green Tip:

Make your garden larger. Grass needs more water than most other plants. Why not try adding a paved area to your yard, or a mulch bed around your trees to help reduce grassed areas?

White Water

If your water is a white, milky color or cloudy you are probably experiencing a bacterial bloom. Nature Clear is a perfect remedy for this situation. It is important that you dose the water correctly and have plenty or aeration (if you have fish) because the coagulation that occurs (after Natural Clear is applied) will consume a great amount of the water’s dissolved oxygen.

Brown Water

Brown water indicates that there is floating dirt and particles in the water. Rotting leaves and debris create "tanning" of the water. There are three things that you can do to clear the brown water.

Keep an Eye on the pH

pH affects all aquatic life, including plants. A stable pH of 6.8 to 8.0 is the best suited for pond fish. Concrete used in the waterfall or to hold rocks in place can leach into the water in new ponds, which causes the pH become too basic and rise above 8.0. pH changes throughout the day, so testing should be done about three times a day until the stability of the pH has been established. If the pH is still fluctuating, there are commercially available products to change and stabilize the pH.