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Garden Pond Option: Fish Ponds vs. Water Gardens

Algreen 144 Gallon Preformed Pond Kit
Algreen 144 Gallon Preformed Pond Kit


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A koi pond or fish pond will require slightly more effort to maintain than a garden pond due to the fact that fish require adequate filtration and aeration to survive.

The major differences:

Because plants are an essential part of the fish pond's eco-system, consider adding a separate section (just for plants) to the koi pond that the fish cannot swim to (E.g. an upper pond where the water circulates before it returns to the main area).

Green Tip:

Don't spray your driveway, sidewalk, deck or porch with either your sprinkler or hose. If it's dirty, use a broom to remove dirt and dust.

Water Garden

A water garden is much easier to set up than a fish pond or a koi pond. A water garden can contain plants, waterfalls, garden fountains, and a pump to circulate the water. If murky water does not bother you, then you have no need for a filter.

Water gardens in moderate climates usually need for an area of the pond to be at least 2 feet deep. Colder climates require a depth to of at least 12" to 16" of water below the freeze zone.