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Gardener’s Half-Pants: The Secret of Gardening Without Sore Knees

Ergonomic 'Wiser' Telescopic Trowel
Ergonomic 'Wiser' Telescopic Trowel


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Gardeners Half PantsDirt under your fingernails, dirty torn clothes, and dirty sore knees are the most common nuisances that gardeners, both young and old, dislike about gardening. Gardening gloves and other clothing can provide that needed protection but they are considerably bulky and gardeners know that you need a delicate touch when handling plants. If you are facing these problems and are having a difficult time finding a solution try the Gardener’s Half Pants for Professionals.

What the heck are half pants?

They are a brand new development in gardening clothing that provides safety and security. The half pants may seem like ordinary pants from a distance but when you get close and see their benefits, you will be stunned! Designed to go over another pair of pants, these half-pants protect both your clothing and your knees, with built-in kneepads. The fabric used to make the half-pants is manufactured from industrial strength Duradrill RT4 material that is tough enough not to be torn but flexible enough to let you move around.

Once of the biggest problem with gardening activities, such as planting and cultivating, is knees that get extremely sore and scuffed up because of leaning on them extensively while gardening. Just after one day with half pants, you will feel my knees improving. The reason for the improvement is because the half pants manufactures have ingeniously engineered waterproof foam kneepads to help alleviate pressure off the knees. The pads are also removable so you can clean and wash them when needed. Furthermore, the fabric located around the knee area is different then the fabric everywhere else on the pants. Since the knee area will be used and subjected to more wear and tear, it has been lined with the extremely tough and waterproof Tundra 400 Denier Nylon fabric.

Who Wears Half-Pants?

Green Tip:

Water your garden first thing in the morning or during the evening. Watering your garden or lawn during the hottest part of the day will cause most of the water to evaporate, and won't be of use to your lawn and garden.

Professional gardeners, home renovators, mechanics, decorators, landscape architects, and even landscapers have claimed the Gardener Half Pants as their clothing line for the job. Mike, a long time landscaper with his own business, stated “…at last, someone who understands the dreadful wear and tear on landscaper’s knees. Normally my knees are shot by the end of the season, not this year!!”

Features of the Half-Pants

The Half-Pants are dirt and water resistant manufactured with 100% industrial polyester micro fiber. They have several pockets with closures so you can keep your gardening tools, cell phone and almost anything else safe and with you at all times you are in the garden. There are also several loops where you can attach certain tools, keys, and wiping towels. Plus, these pants have adjustable buckle strap around the knees and legs and waist to keep your Half Pants fitting snuggly.

Head out into the garden this season prepared and in style. The Half Pants are available in many colors as well. You can choose either:

The half-pants can be used for more than just gardening.  Other uses for Gardener’s Half-pants include but are not limited to: home renovations, cleaning floors, installing floors and carpet, weekend mechanic, handyman/women, decorators, cleanup jobs, any job big or small that knees need protecting. In fact, there are even two styles of Gardener's Half-Pants, the basic style for the home gardener and do-it-yourselfer and a more durable style for professionals.

Telescopic Hedge Shear
Telescopic Hedge Shear


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Standard Half-Pant Features:

Professional Half-Pant Features:

Gardeners Half-Pants in Use


At last someone who understands the dreadful wear and tear on landscaper’s knees. Normally my knees are shot by the end of the season, not this year!


If you want to work a long time in this industry you need to work safely and protect yourself from injury. Gardener’s Half Pants are a good thing.