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Pond Ecosystem Tier 5A- Frogs

The Complete Pond Builder
The Complete Pond Builder


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Frogs breed in the spring through early summer, which is why you can always hear them croaking at that time of year. Frogs consume insects, worms, and even small fish and other tadpoles.

Frogs and toads require a pond ecosystem to live and breed in. However, you will need to ensure that they can get into and out of your pond with ease.

Some frogs can survive the winter underwater, provided that the pond does not freeze over completely, while others over-winter on land, burying in soil or under leaves.

Pond Ecosystem Tier 5B- Raising Fish in Your Pond

Fish are omnivorous and will eat worms, larvae, other fish, algae, and tadpoles. There are many species of fish that you can raise in a pond, ranging from koi and goldfish (in a small pond), to bass, sunfish, and carp (in a larger pond).

Chlorine is deadly to fish. Prior to introducing fish into your pond eco-system, make sure that you treat the water with a declorinater (if it came from a tap). To introduce fish into a pond ecosystem, place the sealed bag into the pond at first. Let the fish gradually acclimatize to the pond's water temperature. After the temperatures match, release the fish into the pond.