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Texture: The Second Container Gardening Principle

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As a gardener you must remember to incorporate texture as well as color. When the right blend of texture and color are mixed, it creates amazing results that enhance and stimulate your senses. For gardeners, color, texture, and shape are the main factors to look for in plants and the decor of your area. Many plants share common characteristics because of similar environmental triggers. The details of texture can be large or small, but without them, the visual harmony it makes will be diminished.

The Effect of Texture

A textured plant has a large impact on our senses. Imagine a pot containing a grasses’ long thin wisps. Their long smooth overflowing wisps compel you to touch them and comb your fingers through the strands. That is the power textured foliage has, it invites us to come close and touch them. The main reason why texture has such a powerful effect is because we want to see if the leaves are as smooth, rough, or spiky as they look.

As a beginning gardener, match plants together that have similar textures and feel. For example, soft and furry leaves go well together while fleshy and smooth plants have better complements. As your gardening skill progresses, try to develop a range of contrasts by placing plants with hard and smooth textures next to plants that have a soft and velvety look.

Green Tip:

Reduce energy consumption by unplugging any electronics that you don't use often.

Just as with color, different textures in the atmosphere evoke different moods. If you are finding it difficult to choose the right type of texture, here are some recommendations:

Remember that these guidelines are for foliage as well as for flowering plants. These are some of the main aspects to consider but do not forget to keep the look, feel, and touch of the container as well. Choose a container finish that will accent and improve upon the plants texture. Following these simple guidelines will ensure a display that is unique and visually stunning.