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Container Gardening Principle: Repetition & Symmetry

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Wall Trough with Liner


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Any container gardener knows that repeating patterns and symmetry play a vital role in creating a stunning display. These elements are pleasing to the eye and are soothing to the mind. Placing the same containers and plants in a row creates a formal design. Not only are these designs pleasing but they are functional as well. If you place the same tall plants and pots in a row pattern they can act as a barrier, can also be used to mark off sections of a garden, and characterize a specified area.

Don’t think that repeating patterns have to large and tall to be considered effective themes. Even small displays on a table, windowsill, or on the porch can be developed into appealing repeating displays.

Repetition and symmetry are fundamental tools used by the biggest and smallest of container gardens. Whether the patterns are utilized for trees, plants, flowers, or steps the presence it creates makes it a very useful tool to augment moods and atmospheres. A repeating pattern evokes feelings of richness and abundance.

How can you easily create repetition and symmetry?

Green Tip:

Grow your own vegetables. This will help to reduces carbon from fertilizers, and transportation.

We can’t all have amazing large scale patterns displayed by botanical gardens but we can create that sense of comfort on a smaller scale.

Advanced container gardeners, who are veterans of these two elements, utilize repetition in a different manner. They use the same pots and plants but vary the height, length, and width. They use the same materials but configure them so that each pot and plant has a unique characteristic. Container gardeners sometimes place mirrors behind repeating container plantings to further emphasize the pattern.