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Container Gardening Principle: Shape

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As a container gardener, you must be able to discern plausible shapes from ones that will make your display look unattractive. Certain plants that do not develop stunning foliage or flowers rely on their shapes and structure to create an interesting effect. Choosing these types of plants are great when developing a simple, modern display.

Shapes are very powerful tool in the gardeners’ arsenal.

You can produce a wide range of emotions with it - you can create drama and exhilaration or tranquility and serenity. Shapes aren’t necessarily just for containers but for plants as well. Many individuals cut and clip their hedges, bushes, and other plantings into creative and interesting shapes. There are some plantings that do not require cuttings and possess unique shapes of leaves, branches, and stems.

When utilizing shapes within your garden or room, you must remember that certain plants and containers work best when they are by themselves. When you want to emphasize the shape of a plant, you should consider planting it in its own container instead of in a mixed group - you can then appreciate the plant's beautiful architectural shapes. If you have a distinctive shaped plant with a similarly unique shaped pot, it will have a large enough presence to be placed as the center piece in your garden or area of interest.

What pants and containers should be chosen?

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Choosing plants such as Variegata, Yucca, palms, and bamboos are recommended because they offer a decent amount of unique shapes that can boost the appeal of your garden. These plants can also be used as effective focal points, as a centerpiece, or in a larger group of pots. Remember that the pot shape and structure is very important. Many people destroy the look of their garden or room by choosing pots that contain excessive shapes and colors. The main feature to look for in pots is a simple outline that posses a strong shape. In this manner, you will not detract from the main look of the plants or the surrounding area around it.

A Dramatic Effect

A Soothing Effect