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Color: The First Container Gardening Principle

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Iron and Wicker Chair Planter


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Container gardening provides you with the opportunity to be specific in the choice and use of colors. Color is a very important tool for container gardens because it creates and evokes different types of moods within the environment. Developing a beautiful display by using a combination of plants and pot colors is not difficult. If you require a designer-look for your planters, limit the planting plan to just one or two colors. When you are setting up your color palette, be sure to plan it out carefully so that your display is focused and unified.

Remember that plants within pots develop a perception of intimate contact when placed with other potted plants. The main reason for this is because the area of display itself is small and confined. The details, colors, and combinations should accent the borders but finding the right mix is sometimes difficult. Utilizing ideas, suggestions, and comments from lifestyle and décor magazines will make your life much easier and increase the chances of producing a creative container display.

If you find yourself stuck and not knowing what type of color combinations you should use, try these following picks and combinations:

Green Tip:

When planning your garden, include trees and shrubs. Placed correctly, they can reduce the heating and cooling costs for your home.

For beginner container gardeners, the easiest and simplest approach to produce a vibrant container gardening display is to make maximum use of the container's color and choosing plants that consist of bright and contrasting hues. For example, grouping together single color types with one-species of plants provides you with flexibility to adjust between the two styles. Make use of a riotous mix of colors if you would like to create an atmosphere that is energetic and cheerful.