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Spice up your backyard using wind spinners

3-D Star and Moon Wind Spinner
3-D Star and Moon Wind Spinner


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Wind spinners are a creative product that not many people realize exist. They can look elegant and interesting in your backyard, however, there are some instances where they don't quite look how you'd planned. Most wind spinners are bright and colorful, and if your backyard has a specific color theme, it's easy for you to cross a line and clash with your backyard entirely. There are many things to consider when purchasing a wind spinner.

Wind spinners come in many different colors and styles to match your backyard décor. I personally have mostly yellow flowers in my backyard, with the occasional pink. As such, when I bought my spinner, I was picky about the style and color I wanted. When I looked at what types of wind spinners are out there, I knew I wanted my mine to be purple, red or blue in color. I thought that it would be difficult to find a shade of yellow that would match my backyard.

When I came across the spinner I liked, I found several options. I decided on two - a purple/pink hummingbird wind spinner and a red 3-D butterfly. These wind spinners were so vibrant and colorful, I knew they were sure to stand out.

I hung my spinners from 2 different places. One (the hummingbird) is in front of my kitchen window so it's one of the first things you see in the backyard, and the second is hung from a tall tree near the back of the yard. I felt that separating the wind spinners would help to draw people's attention to different areas of the yard, as these vibrant pieces are always moving and creating interesting effects.

My friends came over for a barbeque, and nearly everyone commented on my new decorative additions. My best friend even said, "the butterfly really helps to draw people into your garden and look at all your beautiful flowers!" Now, not only does everyone love my beautiful wind spinners, but they thoroughly enjoy my beautiful garden.

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