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Solar Lighting is the Next Hottest Thing

Universal Hammock Stand with Double Hammock
Universal Hammock Stand with Double Hammock


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Solar power used to be extremely expensive, but advances in technology and a growth in awareness of renewable energy sources have seen an upsurge in the use of solar power to light pathways and gardens.

Solar lights have many practical uses and advantages; they don’t require an electrician to install or any electrical knowledge on the user’s part. They are also inexpensive in the long run, because of their zero demand for electricity.

Improved solar panels and solar technology over time has allowed a small solar panel to work during even the wettest and cloudiest of winter days. This is because solar panels are able to store energy when there's light outside, and utilize it when there's an absence of light (similar to how the Toyota Prius' synergy drive operates).

Solar lights can come in the form of submersible underwater units, small garden accents, or they can be applied to clocks and lamp posts.