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About Lawn Ornaments

Bamboo Fountain
Bamboo Fountain


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No backyard or garden is complete without some accessories to accentuate it. However, before you buy any lawn ornaments, you should take a look around your garden and look for bare spots, spots where plants are struggling to survive, and spots that just need a little more sprucing up.

Do you want to create a large focal point in your backyard?

Visitors and even the gardener themselves will always be looking for a focal point because this is the position where the eyes naturally come to rest. Without a focal point, there is essentially no structure to the garden and you will always be left looking for one area to concentrate on.

Optional focal points:

If the plants in your garden are not all the same height, one way to smooth everything out is to add an ornament to raise the focal point. Statues, sundials, or a pillar with a potted plant can help to accomplish this. If the shape of your plants are round, then choose an ornament that are pointed to add some variation to your backyard. On the other hand, if your plants are pointed, then you can apply a round ornament to supplement it. Another great idea are wind spinners!

In some cases it isn't necessary for the focal point to be in your own garden. If you have a spectacular horizon at the back of your garden then you can use this as a focal point and base your garden design around it. Hills and mountains are the perfect example of a focal backdrop. Of course, not everyone is fortunate enough to live next to a mountain range or tall hill and it may be necessary to create your own focal point, however, a focal point is a necessary part of the garden.