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The Proper Guide for Annuals

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What are annuals? Well annuals bloom within the first year they are planted and flower only a few months after sowing. The life expectancy of annuals is around one year.

Some annual plants are edible and certain ones are just for decoration and ornamental use. The aspect to understand about annuals is that their main purpose is to create seeds for the next generation.

Tip: Pinch off the dying flowers before the seeds form. This will facilitate the progression of multiple branch growth when blooming occurs again.

When shopping around for annuals, remember that there are four main types to choose from.

Tender Annuals

These are very delicate annuals and are easily killed off by frost. The best condition to allow for rapid growth is primarily in a hot environment. They can be seeded and grown indoors or in a greenhouse and then placed within your garden after the danger of frost passes. Blooming is dependent on several factors which includes the region where you are residing and the length of summer weather in your area.

Hardy Annuals

Unlike tender annuals, the hardy annuals have a higher tolerance to frost. They may be planted outside in the ground a few weeks before extreme frost conditions, but it is still recommended to plant hardy annuals indoors where warmer conditions exist.


Green Tip:

Reduce energy consumption by unplugging any electronics that you don't use often.

These plants have an extreme tolerance to frost and cold weather. They are able to develop their roots and foliage during the winter time and last all season. They have an impressive blooming period in the spring time but this is usually very short lived. One of the advantages of biennials is that they tend to self sow, which means that they will provide you with a constant supply of plants. Hardy annuals grow in a similar fashion as compared to biennials, in winter conditions that are not extremely cold.

Tender Perennials

In colder climates, tender perennials should be cultivated like annuals. Wax begonia and some species of impatiens will behave like annuals in cold climates, but will grow as perennials in warmer climates for several years.