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Cascata Rain Barrel
  • 65 gallon rain saving capacity
  • Removable Crown Planter
  • Corrosion Proof Screen Guard
  • Hook for hanging garden hose
  • 6' Garden hose with shut-off nozzle
  • Overflow Valve
  • Durable 3/8" thick wall
  • Fits 3" and 4" down spouts
  • Brass Spigot
  • 43" x 25"
  • Made in Canada
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What is Practical Green Living?

The environment is a global issue that currently affects people of all demographics, and will eventually affect the lives of your children. You can help the environment by implementing simple and practical eco-gardening practices from the comfort of your own backyard!

Putting the green back into your garden, known as eco-gardening, is a trend that's becoming more popular because ecologically-sound yard and gardening practices promote sustainability, reduce CO2 levels, reduce the impact of harmful contaminates on the environment, and make your backyard look natural and aesthetically-appealing.

Practical Green Living Starts With Your Backyard

Introducing the Terra Tumbling Composter

Terra Composter

Coming Soon in 2011!

Going green can be as easy as "working on your backyard living space."

Urbanization has led to the destruction of natural eco-systems. Water gardens help to reintroduce animal and plant eco-systems to your backyard. Backyard ponds also serve as a final collection point for storm runoff water where pollutants can be filtered.

Going green can be as easy as "planting a garden."

A sustainable garden helps to reduce your carbon footprint because plants absorb CO2 emissions. A vegetable garden helps reduce your dependence on store-bought, foreign produce, which helps to counteract your carbon footprint.

Going green can be as easy as "decorating your backyard."

Many green products can also look aesthetically-pleasing. Elegant, terra cotta rain barrels can help you to conserve water and cut down on storm-water run-off. Attractive clay-like composters can be used to create compost for your self-sustaining vegetable garden.

You can help the environment just by incorporating Mother Nature into the comfort of your own backyard. Read more Green Living tips to see how!

We're here to help!

Canít find what youíre looking for? We're here to help! Try e-mailing us instead! Our pond and garden experts will answer any questions you have about garden ponds, gardening products, and outdoor garden decor!

Online Shopping Greener than Traditional Shopping

If you take into account that products for online stores are stored in one location and that there are less overhead and less transportation costs, online shopping is considered greener than traditional shipping. Read Online Retailing Report